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This website is designed to make it easy and convenient for eligible members to do the following: 

(A)  Learn about The Health Connection
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(C)  Nominate A Provider
(D)  Register as a Provider 
(E)  Read News articles and link to related websites
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To properly serve our visitors, there are times when we will ask for or collect personal information from you. Because we handle personal information, we have made the privacy and security of that information a top priority.

The emphasis we place on privacy and security also extends to other areas of this website that we make available to all online users, including health information resources, health assessment tools and the ability to purchase nonprescription products.

As part of our commitment to honoring your privacy, we provide this policy to make you aware of the choices you have about the way your information is used. Additionally, this policy will explain the approach we take in protecting and using the information that we gather from you, based upon your stated preferences. For your ease and convenience, we make this notice available from every page of this website, identified as "Privacy Policy" with a link to this notice.

Please note: This privacy policy applies only to information collected through this website.

Collection and use of information

This site collects both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information to improve the usefulness of the online information and services we offer to our users.

Personally identifiable information is any data element or collection of data elements that directly identifies an individual or that individual's residence, including your name, postal and e-mail addresses,  or telephone number.

Non-personally identifiable information is any data element or collection of data elements that, by itself, cannot be associated with a specific individual. There are two types of non-personally identifiable information collected on this site. The first type includes information provided during registration, such as the state in which you live.

The second type of non-personally identifiable information which is routinely gathered from all site visitors focuses on website activity, such as how many people visit the site, the pages they visit, what website they are coming from, how long they stay, etc. This site visitor data is collected on an aggregated, anonymous basis, which means personally identifiable information is not associated with this data. This type of non-personally identifiable information is generally gathered through the use of web server logs and cookie technology.

Information requested at Provider Registration

One of the areas of this site where you will be asked for personally identifiable information is Provider Registration. It is important to note that this information is collected only when you voluntarily provide it. Provider Registration is optional; however, it does provide us the information to conduct a preliminary interview with you regarding your participation in our program.

Last  updated April 1, 2003

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